There Are Car Accident Lawyer Must Needed To Rich

What should I do is this at all like a car accident yes and no it’s like a car accident the sense that you have to prove that the bike rider was careless was negligent in some way car accident lawyer and as a result of that negligence caused you injury the difference however is with insurance obviously most bike riders do not have their own bicycle insurance however.

I am finding that many homeowners policies are covering bicycle related injuries so what I would do is certainly contact that person the bike rider and ask that person or his homeowners insurance unfortunately unless a lawsuit is filed there’s really no way to force that person to reveal that information unless perhaps you take that person to small claims court.

car accident lawyer
car accident lawyer

Hire a lawyer on your own so the short answer is yes it is similar to other types of injury claims in the sense that you must establish negligence but there might be differences when it comes to insurance coverage okay great next question says how do you deal with an insurance company that has agreed in email to pay certain things and yet a check has never showed up and they stop returning all communication the outstanding amount was would fall into small claims amount do.

I really have to go through that process yeah that’s a great question and as I said at the outset there’s really no legal obligation or the other person’s insurance company to offer you a settlement in this particular case you might have some grounds based on contract principles.

That they agreed to pay you an amount but in these types of cases which really happens quite frequently unfortunately the only recourse would be to sue that person and small claims is one option hiring a lawyer is another option but yes once you file suit then you have the law behind you unfortunately though you’re going to have to prove your case.

You’re going to you may incur some expense doing that but that usually is the only recourse that you’re going to have if the insurance company either stops answering your communication or refuses to offer a settlement that they initially promised other #facebook the follow-up to that what if it is my insurance company not the other parties that’s a good question.

As I said at the outset if it’s your insurance company you’re going to have some added teeth in forcing them to respond there are laws in place in Washington that govern how the claims practices should be handled so if they’re not responding promptly one alternative would be to contact the Washington State Insurance Commissioner sometimes contacting the commissioner.